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I teach women how to trust themselves and find safety in their bodies without fear, question, or uncertainty, so they can understand their body and stop betraying themselves.

Have you ever felt lost or confused? Have you ever trusted somebody else over yourself?
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I have a newfound confidence in my personal truths and clear direction for what’s next for me.
Karli J.
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My name is Sariah Bastian and I have experienced hopelessness, feelings of failure, and feelings of absolute heartache. I have sought for answers outside of myself, never trusting me. I went from one relationship to the next thinking if I could just prove myself to somebody, if I could just convince them that I was worthy of love, all of my problems would be solved. It wasn't until I started seeing me... ME, that my life began to change. And seeing me, changed my life. Join me in this practice inspired by my clinical research, my experiences, and my expertise on body movement, connection, and love.
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