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Have you ever felt lost or confused? Have you ever trusted somebody else over yourself? Do you try to prove yourself to others in hopes they will see YOU?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I know how you feel.

Having experienced similar situations over and over for most of my life lead me down a path of hopelessness, of feelings of failure, of absolute heart ache.

I went to therapy and talked about all of my problems and trusted the therapist to tell me what to do.

I went from one relationship to the next thinking if I could just prove myself to somebody, if I could just convince them that I was worthy of love, all of my problems would be solved.

None of it worked.

It wasn't until I started seeing me... ME, that my life began to change. It was through all of my challenges and my heartache that Beyond Breath was created.

And, it saved my life.

Join me in this practice inspired by my clinical work on body movement, connection, and love.

I look forward to breathing with you.

I love you,



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I will be breathing with you, as you learn to breathe again.


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