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Find safety in your body and trust yourself, again.

Reeling from a recent betrayal

Trying to leave a toxic environment

Experiencing anxiety attacks

Struggling with symptoms of anxiety such as unhealthy habits or addictions

Going through a painful separation

Starting a new phase of life and phasing out of your old one

Going through a faith transition

Trying to set up boundaries but can't seem to get it

Dealing with major disappointment

Working through trauma

Overcoming the effects of trauma in your childhood

You've really tried everything.

  • Gone to therapy

  • Been hypnotized

  • Taken so many different medications that you can't even count to try and keep the anxiety attacks at bay.

And while some of that may have helped, your life continues to unravel the same way. You continue to have the same experiences over and over again.


You need to know that you are NOT crazy.

We are taught in life to seek answers externally. We look to the outside world to tell us where go or what to do next.


The real truth is that you have living inside of your body a UNIVERSE of knowledge that is untapped, unexplored, and waiting to be used.

I will help you discover how to access what's already inside of you AND give you the tools to put that knowledge and information to work for you.

Your body holds all of the answers. Let's discover them together.

I invite you to breathe with me today and use tools like:

  • Learn how to RESPOND to life instead of REACT to it

  • Love from a place of ABUNDANCE rather than NEEDINESS

  • Hold yourself SACRED and know you are GOOD

  • Trust that you are HELD and that you can CONNECT and find intimacy

  • Speak your TRUTH, live your TRUTH, and feel TRUTH in your body and allow life to manifest naturally

  • SEE yourself as you really are; an integral, UNDIVIDED person that can exit the emotional roller-coaster and stand firm in your place. 


Just on the other side of what you see and experience in your existence is a whole other world where healing and safety are possible. I offer you the opportunity to discover that world. All it required is your body, your breath, and an investment in yourself.


Click below for a completely free mini-session with me where we will see right where you are and what is possible for you. 

What if everything you needed to heal and find happiness in your journey through life was inside of your body all along? And all you needed to access it was to understand how your body speaks to you?

Right now, you're likely going through...


These life experiences may leave you feeling depleted, and like no one will ever understand.​


How does it work?

When you work with me, I offer a path for you to learn the tools to soften, to find safety within the walls of your skin, to love and hold yourself as sacred, to come home and find that the safest place for you to be is right here. In your body.


This work is done online and includes one on one sessions, small group sessions and a library of over 50 videos featuring powerful lessons, clarifying meditations, and guided movements.

But what if...

Sometimes in life we get caught up in fear wondering "What if...?" What if I spend money and don't get anything out of this? What if this is just ANOTHER dead end? This is my last hope, what if this doesn't work?

Instead of sitting in fear of what you might not gain if you work with me, I invite you to ponder what you might gain if you do.

Even if you only learn two or three truths about yourself during your experience with me that help set a course toward confidence and recovery that you can reliably use for the rest of your life, wouldn't that be worth your investment?

Even if what you learn with me is simply a tool that helps you put together the pieces of the puzzle that are already in your body, mind, and spirit, wouldn't it be worth the value of working with me?

Go ahead and click below to get on my schedule for a free call. It's here. Read. Waiting for you to experience.


"My world opened up to endless possibilities"

"My world opened up to endless possibilities. I started work with Sariah when I was pregnant and trying to find a way to combat triggers. I was concerned about losing my testimony in my religion. I found Sariah and her program to be the catalyst I needed for change and exploration of my body and soul, and a kickstart to acceptance of my whole SELF. I now teach yoga and my mindfulness practices are enhanced and I have continued to rise in vibrational level. I am so grateful to have been led to Sariah!" – Kristin P.

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"I never felt judged or insecure. Just understood and loved."


“What I loved about working with Sariah during a traumatic time of life is that she never asked what happened. 


The work we did was for ME. Not my husband and I, not battling the issue, it was helping me rediscover me and become my best self. 

She taught me things about myself I didn’t even know and helped me find a new peace within myself, which in turn, enabled me to confront my problems with a more open and loving approach. 

"It's been the best investment"


When I heard about Beyond Breath, I had just had a baby and was learning about healing from trauma.

Beyond Breath (both book and course) seriously changed my life. I'm my way to yoga teacher training [later this year]. It's a dream I didn't know I had and now it's about to come true.

Beyond Breath is one of the best ways to grow as a person and gain tools that will help you in anything and everything." Elizabeth T.

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