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What would your life be like, if you trusted yourself and found safety in your body without fear, question or uncertainty.

Hi. And again, welcome.

I have been in recovery since 2014. Recovery from what, you ask? Recovery from life, because 

I am a Professional Yoga Therapist and a certified yoga instructor, a Betrayal Trauma Survivor and a mother to six children (3 biological and 3 bonus). I am an author, a creator, a lover (not a fighter).

I have been teaching yoga since 2006 and have taken the knowledge of over 1200hrs of training, over 15 years of teaching, and the experiences of heart ache, betrayal, and grief and have been able to move towards healing in my own life.

Have you ever felt like you're all the way crazy? Like you're losing your mind? Like you don't know the up from the down or remember the last thing you said - or did?

I get being a little crazy - I think everyone is (raises hand) - but a lotta crazy, that can make you crazy.


You know the crazy I am talking about? The crazy of fog? The crazy of uncertainty? The crazy of fear? The crazy of being wrong? The crazy of being RIGHT? The crazy of the unknown?

I've been there.

If you want to change your life, you have to change your breath. Breath. Is. Life 

I learned this profound truth when I lost myself during a toxic marriage.

I was told time and time again I was crazy by my spouse, and I truly believed I was making everything up in my head. I could SWEAR things weren't right, but he kept promising me they were. I could SWEAR there was something going on, but he kept promising me there wasn't.

I think that's where the crazy began. Trusting him, over me.

No matter how hard I wanted it, or how hard I tried, I was the crazy one... or so I was convinced. I never felt safe in my own skin. I never felt like I was enough.

Breath is life. And I, was barely breathing.

It wasn't until I understood the true meaning of breath that it all changed.

By learning this truth, I have found myself again. I now feel safe in my body. I now know I am enough.

I am whole.

All because of my breath. I have taken my life from barely breathing, to a life Beyond Breath.

I have made it my life's mission to help as many women as possible to find safety in themselves. To trust themselves. And to stop betraying themselves.

Whether you feel hurt from a toxic relationship or have long lasting scars and wounds from childhood, or you experience the craziness of day to day life and it has slowly broken you down.


NO matter what the issue is, you are not alone and I want to help you find safety and trust in yourself, again.

I would love to work with you and help you see the safest place you will ever be is here, within the walls of your own skin. I would love to teach you to trust yourself, to soften your body, and to breathe.

Breath is life. I will breathe with you, until you can breathe again. And you WILL breathe, you WILL live, again.

Schedule a free session with me by clicking the link below. I'll ask you to step into truth with me, for truth is where healing really begins.

I love you,