About Sariah

I was sitting on the bleachers at my sons baseball practice, reading a book. The sun was shining, but I had a jacket on (welcome spring in Utah!)

My phone rang and I looked to see a number I didn't recognize. Answering is cautiously, I found a woman on the other end who introduced herself as a therapist who had heard about me. She was looking for a yoga instructor specifically for woman who were experiencing Betrayal Trauma. 

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, for I was just going through a divorce from a man who was unfaithful to me and I was a real life survivor of such trauma.

She hired me and I began working with clients, even before I had discovered and recovered myself completely.

This wasn't my first go-round with divorce. After marrying at the age of 19, and then 20, and then again at 27, you could consider me a marriage failure and a divorce expert. 

Shame carried its way into my name -- my long, long last name. And that was only one of the many things I needed to recover and heal from.


I've been in recovery since 2014. Recovery from what? Well, recovery from life, my friend, because life is hard. The thing is, I will be in recovery my entire life. I am no longer asleep to my reality. The recovery setting is switched to *GO* and every moment of every day I get to decide how I react and respond to life. I get to decide how I show up. I get to decide how other people treat me. 

Let's go back a bit.

I grew up in a combined family. We were called the S'Mohr family house. My maiden name is Smith and my mom's remarried name is Mohr. Get it Smith / Mohr = S'Mohr. In my biological family I have one older sister, one younger sister and two younger brothers. When my mom remarried two other daughters joined our crew (and they lived with us full time) When they married we were 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 1. Crazy, right?