Keep Breathing

Do you ever get tired?

Like. Tired Tired?

I have days where I feel like Super Woman. Like, I can conquer The WORLD! (imagine my cape :)

I have this idea that I don't need anybody or anything for that matter. I can accomplish all that needs to be done, all that I want to do, all on my own.

And in reality, I am completely capable of this. I can do it all on my own. And, for the most part, I do.

But sometimes.

I get tired.

And maybe a little angry.

Because it's not what I want, ultimately.

And all the pressures and weight of the world get heavy.

And I just want someone to carry it for me for a little while. Or at least help.

I'm not weak for feeling this. And, I am not going to run out and find a temporary fix, I'll be okay. But, it's nice to write it down. And say it out loud. And admit it.

I made my kids pancakes with M&M's (an every morning ritual)



I love you, Love,


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