Oui Merci

I find peace in Mother Earth.

Strength in her beauty.

Humility in her vastness.

Softness in her ability to hold me in my space.

I decided on a whim to go hike last Saturday. I had just finished teaching on the water. My boys were with their dad. And, although I needed to clean the house and do some of my chores, I realized it was the end of June and I hadn’t been hiking once this summer.

So, I left.

I decided Lake Blanche would be perfect. So up I went.

With one of the programs I am creating, I came across a meditation that is taught to children. Where every in-breath is identified with the word Oui and every out-breath is identified with the word Merci.

In the meditation, they are teaching children to say YES to life.

As I started this lone hike, I made a decision to practice this up the mountainside.

Every in-breath, no matter how short it was, was identified with Yes. And every out-breath, no matter how short, was identified with Thank You.

I was impressed with the swiftness of my movement and the ease at which the words stayed in my mind. This, however, was the least cool thing that happened while I practiced this walking meditation on the side of the mountain.

Although my mind was practicing Mantra, I was very present. I always say Hi to people as I pass them on the trail. With the presence that I offered this day, however, I also felt a deep sense of gratitude for each of them. In my mind, I thanked them for being here. Knowing I was actually really seeing them. That I was there with them and not somewhere gone off in my head.

I had conversation after conversation. And was complemented by others. I don’t know how many times.

My shoes. My shirt. My hat. My smile.

Oui Merci Oui Merci

Yes Thank you Yes Thank you

Life was coming at me and it was beautiful.

I felt myself smiling. Just smiling. And I noticed I was smiling and consciously smiled even more.

There were butterflies. Oh, So Many butterflies! And they almost kept running into my face! I would laugh to myself and smile at everyone as they would fly up just before they kissed me head-on. I saw their shadows and said Hello to each of them as they came my way.

Oui Merci

Thank you for being here. Yes. I am here with you.

The flowers were amazing. And the wind (or the Levanter as it is called in the book The Alchemist) was felt on my face. I noticed all of it. Said hello to each of their presence. And thanked them for being there with me.

Oui Merci

I am saying Yes Yes Yes to life. Every breath. Every step.

I found myself with tears. Of Joy. Of gratitude. Of thanks.

This world, this life, no matter how hard it is. No matter what has been thrown your way. Is So So Good.

You are probably reading this thinking I am crazy.

Well. I am.

And I love life. And I love God. And I love my heart. And it is good.

I love you, Love,


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