Our Story (Connected)

There was something so different about him. The way I could feel comfortable. Like, I didn’t have to prove myself.

I’ve never felt that way before.

I thought he’d call me, after that first date, that we’d definitely go out again. But, it didn’t happen.


For TWO weeks!

We went through the Thanksgiving Holiday and I didn’t hear from him. Not a text. Not a call. Just a whole lotta nothin’

I even text him on Thanksgiving, after contemplating if I dare reach out, because, if he wanted to talk to me, he would. And, don’t be stupid Sariah, he obviously doesn’t want anything to do with you or he would reach out on his own without your prompting.

I did it anyway.

Just a simple “Happy Thanksgiving”

All I got, was silence.

I had read and re-read our text conversation so many times. Laughing, as it seriously was the most hilarious thing in the world. But after a week and a half of not hearing from him, deleted the conversation and his number from my phone.

Then, one day, he showed up.

My dad came downstairs and said, “Sariah, there is a ****? here to see you.”

My response was… “what does he want?”…

and apprehensively went outside. He had a box of cookies we had tried to get on our first date and an awkward grin on his face.

I said, “what do you want?”

He said he wanted to apologize for being so rude. That wasn’t who he is, but that he wasn’t ready for me. He wasn’t expecting to find me so soon.

I was like… “okay”

He told me about a relationship with a girl at work. And, I nodded, said “good luck with that,” gave him a hug, and went inside.

The next day he text me and said he was ready for me lol. I was like, that was fast but went with it anyway.

So we dated. We went out again,

and again,

and again,

and again.

And our conversations flowed, and I was so comfortable with him, and I didn’t expect anything and didn’t have to try to be anybody else. Anybody but ME.

I was completely, honestly, not holding anything back. EVER.


Little by little I stopped going to church. Little by little, he moved in. Little by little, I let go of what I wanted but so enjoyed the kindness this man showed me.

He is so good. My house was clean. Dinner was made. A back rub was always waiting. A tender touch. A simple kiss. The gentlest smile.

I told him everything. My deepest fears. My largest dreams. My exaggerated stories. My hearts desire.


It felt so good.

My heart was happy

Falling asleep in his arms was like heaven. I’d never felt so safe. I’d never trusted anybody as much as I did him. What we had, I didn’t believe existed.

It was a dream. A really really really really really good dream. And there was no way I ever wanted it to end.

I love you, Love, Sariah

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