There is currently one way to work with Sariah to help you heal your marriage after infidelity.

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This is Sariah's main coaching program where she helps women in betrayal trauma regain ownership of their bodies by healing their brains so they can offer their whole selves into their marriage.

This means consulting, coaching, online courses, masterminds and a growing library of yoga and meditation videos. Beyond Breath has helped several hundred women regain ownership of their bodies after infidelity in their marriage, decide with clarity to stay married.


The program comes with world-class support from Sariah, step-by-step guidance to implement into your daily life - TODAY, weekly Love Notes, the works! In addition to the world-class curriculum, the program includes TWO coaching calls per week where Sariah answers each and every one of her client's questions.


This program is designed to cover the complete journey, so it’s perfect for those just starting recovery or who have been working through it for years. You can view our program brochure by clicking here.

If you feel this program could help your marriage, you can click here to apply.